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About POBCO, Inc.

Longevity. Strength. Growth

Serving Customers Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

For over 86 years and through 4 generations our family, employees and representatives have worked to build a solid reputation of trust and customer satisfaction. POBCO's successes are derived from the outstanding contributions of our people and customers; past and present and the ingenuity and variety of POBCO products; historic and modern.

POBCO was founded in 1929 by George Johnson. Historically known as Paramount Oilless Bearing Co., lnc., our original purpose was to provide Wood Bearings & Parts used on textile machines in the once thriving New England textile industry. (Read more on The Evolution of Conveyor Components).

Today our Lube-Filled Hardwood products are used in a variety of industries including the Agriculture, Material Handling and Entertainment markets. Many of these applications are harsh, dirty and wet where conventional metal or plastic bearings have failed. Self-lubricating Wood Wear Strip was developed by George's son Russell in the early 1960's and was first used on Meyer Labeling Machines with great success.

In the early 1980's 3rd generation POBCO owners introduced Plastics and a growing variety of Standard & Custom Conveyor Components & Friction-Reducing products. Today we enjoy an expanding domestic and international customer base in many industries including the food, bottling, packaging and conveying markets. POBCO is dedicated to finding product solutions for our customers which may involve making custom components from over 25 Bearing-Grade Plastics.

As a 4th generation family business we will continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction. Service to you and our community is a POBCO priority. Thank you for your interest and business and for our mutual benefit to the world we serve.

Custom Plastic and Wood Fabrication

POBCO Fabrication Capabilities Include:

  • Extruding

  • CNC Machining

  • Turning

  • Routing
  • Assembly

  • Molding

  • Screw Machining

  • Secondary Operations
  • Die Cutting/Punching

  • Custom Machined &
    Extruded Profiles
    & Shapes

Custom Plastic and Wood Fabrication for Bearings, Guides & Rollers

Nature's Plastic

The advantage of the special POBCO-B HARDWOOD over most bearing-grade plastics is that it affords a MORE RIGID, DIMENSIONALLY STABLE material coupled with a material which is 100% LUBRICANT FILLED to render a lower coefficient of friction and LONGER LIFE. Plastics sometimes lose their capacity to stay dimensionally stable under changes in temperature. The larger profile plastic shapes may also lose their capacity to stay straight along a linear path due to the lack of rigidity inherent in many plastics. Therefore for CHAIN and CABLE GUIDES and similar applications POBCO-B HARDWOOD should be seriously considered.