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Click Here For  Wear Strips - Wood and PlasticGuide Rails
Wear Strip Profiles

Available in POBCO-B Self-Lubricating Hardwood, High-Temp and a variety of POBCO Plastics.
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Guide Rail Snap Ons

Bar Snap Ons

Half Round Snap-On

Half Round Snap Ons

Flat Bar Clip-On

Full Round Snap Ons

Flat Bar Clip-On

Rectangular Wearstrip

Channel Guides and Guide Angles

Channel Guides & Guide Angles

Bar Snap On


Flat Bar Clip-On

Flat Bar Clip Ons


Click Here For  Sanitary Guide RailsGuide Rails

POBCO Guide Rails and Rails with S.S. bottoms for added rigidity & welding.
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Sanitary Guide Rails

Sanitary Guide Rails

Round Top Sanitary Guide Rail

Guide Rails

#60 ANSI Chain Guide

Belt, Chain Guide

2-1/4' T-Top Sanitary Guide Rail

T-Top Guides

#50 ANSI Chain Guide

Chain Guide

Click Here For  Guide Rails and Wear Strip Assemblies

Guide Rail Covers & Aluminum Rails
Ultra-D (UHMW) is the most common cover material, other material available.

Click Here For  PET Bottle Guide Rails

PET Bottle Guide Rails
For overhead transport of PET bottles.

Scraper Blades

Scraper Blades


Chain Guides

Click Here For  Solid Track Wear Strips
Chain Guides
Manufactured in a variety of POBCO Plastics and Profiles.
Roller Chain Guide
Click Here For  Chain Guide Worksheet
Chain Guide Worksheet
Fax or E-mail for Solid Track Wear Strip specifications.