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POBCO SnapIdle® Chain Tensioner

Cross Reference Chart

Snapidle Sizes/British Standard Roller Chain

POBCO Snapidle Sizes
British Standard Roller Chain
PSI-35 06B
PSI-40 08B
PSI-50 10B, 06B-2
PSI-60 12B, 08B-2
PSI-80 16B, 20B, 10B-2
PSI-100 12B-2, 08B-3
PSI-120 24B, 10B-3
PSI-160 28B, 32B, 16B-2, 12B-3
PSI-180 40B, 20B-2
PSI-200 *See non-referenced chains
PSI-240 24B-2, 28B-2, 32B-2, 16B-3, 20B-3
*When ordering #300, 400, 500, 600 series please refer to footnotes provided.
PSI-300* 40B-2, 24B-3, 28B-3, 32B-3
PSI-400* (See note # 4)
PSI-500* (See note # 4)
PSI-600* (See note # 4)
Note 1 These units must be ordered as follows, the Snapidle # and ANSI chain that it is to fit (i.e. #300 Snapidle to fit 32B-3RC)
Note 2 Allow four weeks for delivery
Note 3 See Snapidle Cross Reference Chart for non-referenced chains
Note 4 Side Strap lengths all 48"