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POBCO Bead Roller Rails

POBCO Bead-Roller Rails provide low-friction guiding surface for ease in eliminating conveyed products jamups. The guiding surface is enhanced by multiple number of bead-rollers making contact with conveyed products.

See S.S. Bracket Selection including #GRB-PB-SS and #GRB-FB Series.

Combining Conveyed Products POBCO Bead Roller Rails

Materials & Specifications: Clear-Coated Anodized Alminum 6063 with Standard Hex Head Bolt Asembly Acetal Plastic Bead Rollers. 10ft. Standard Lengths (Can be bent for corners)






Please inquire about POBCO Plow Ends
Commonly Machined in UHMW and Acetal

POBCO Bead Roller Rails