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POBCO Two-Piece Stainless Steel Rail Clip

Insures tight fit with all guide rails to prevent movement of guide rails during operation. Highly recommended in applications where single clips are required. They can be re-used and repositioned due to the 2 piece construction.

Heavy Duty Clip

SS Rail Clamp


POBCO Two-Piece Stainless Steel Rail Clip

Part Number Bolt Length (L) Thread
CSS-5/8TWOPC. 5/8 5/16
CSS-3/4TWOPC. 3/4 5/16
CSS-1TWOPC. 1 5/16
CSS-1-1/4TWOPC. 1-1/4 5/16
CSS-16mmTWOPC. 16mm M8
CSS-19mmTWOPC. 19mm M8
CSS-25.5mmTWOPC. 25.5mm M8
CSS-32mmTWOPC. 32mm M8

Heavy duty support for guide rail. Two piece compression syle for easy assembly and adjustment. Works with brackets, support beams and adjusting rods.

Materials: 13 ga. Stainless Steel
Washer recommended when used with a 1/2 dia. support rod.

Stainless Steel Two Piece Clamp with Hardware

Part Number: GRCCLAMP3