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POBCO Metal Mounted Self-Aligning Bearings

Design engineers increasingly have been specifying POBCO metal mounted self-aligning bearings to assist them in solving light to medium duty power transmission problems on a wide variety of machinery and equipment. The self-lubrication of the self-aligning spherical bearings housed in strong, stamped steel housings gives extended life. The wide variety of flange mounts and pillow blocks offers great flexibility in machine design.

These bearings are excellent for installation in inaccessible areas, and are virtually unaffected by the operating elements that cause conventional bearings to fail in short order. They offer an inexpensive solution to bearing installation problems through self-alignment and self-lubrication features with the additional advantages of being resistant to moisture, corrosion and abrasion. Food processing machinery, chemical handling equipment, agricultural machinery and conveyors are only a few of the many applications for this unique bearing.

POBCO metal mounted bearings can be used to replace bearing units on existing equipment originally furnished with conventional bearings in similar mounts.

Housings are available in Zinc Plated Steel and Stainless Steel

ParaMount® Bearings

POBCO ParaMount flange mounts and pillow blocks employ POBCO self-lubricating spherical bearings mated with standard pressed steel housings. Their mounting dimensions are the same as similar mounts manufactured by many major producers of anti-friction and direct journal contact bearings.

TriMount® Bearings

POBCO TriMount pillow blocks and flange mounts combine POBCO self-lubricating spherical bearings with stamped steel housings.

POBCO metal mounted bearings can be furnished with one piece or two piece spheres.

Housings are furnished as standard with corrosion resistant zinc plating. Special platings and other materials such as stainless steel are available. Housings can also be furnished unplated.

Inner Spherical Bearings are available in a variety of POBCO Plastics including Ultra-D (UHMWPE), Plus (Food Grade Fluid Lube-Filled UHMWPE), Nylon, Delrin® and POBCO-B Wood Bearing Material.

POBCO Circular Center Flange Metal Mounted Bearings
Circular Center Flange

POBCO Pillow Block Metal Mounted Bearings
Pillow Block

POBCO 4-Bolt Side Flange Metal Mounted Bearings
4-Bolt Side Flange

POBCO 2-Bolt Center Flange  Metal Mounted Bearings
2-Bolt Center Flange

POBCO Triangular Center Flange  Metal Mounted Bearings
Triangular Center Flange

POBCO 2-Bolt Side Flange Flange  Metal Mounted Bearings
2-Bolt Side Flange


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